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Preliminary program

When?                What?                                                          Where?
09.00-09.30        Welcome + registration                            Keuning hall
09.30-09.45        Opening                                                      Boeringzaal
09.45-10.35        Keynote #1                                                 Boeringzaal
10.40-11.40        Parallelsesssion #1a, #1b, #1c                Boeringzaal, Room 3214.0081, Room 3215.162
11.40-11.55        Coffee and tea break                                Keuning hall
12.00-13.00        Parallelsession #2a, #2b, #2c                  Boeringzaal, Room 3214.0081, Room 3215.162
13.00-13.55        Lunch                                                           Keuning hall
14.00-15.00        Parallelsession #3a, #3b                           Boeringzaal, 3215.149
15.05-16.05        Parallelsession #4a, #4b                           Boeringzaal, 3215.149
16.05-16.15        Coffee and tea break                                 Keuninghall
16.20-17.00        Keynote #2                                                  Boeringzaal
17.00-17.15        Closing + awarding                                    Boeringzaal
17.15-18.15        Drinks                                                           Keuning hall
Bert Otten afgeronde hoek LD 75

Keynote #1: Professor Bert Otten and Adriaan Helmantel (trainer/coach team Sunweb)

'The Science of Cycling'

The physics of a bicycle in interaction with the physiology of the human body as a power producing biological machine, offers some interesting options for improvement. Examples will be given of such options in road and track racing and the way they have been handled, using measurements and computer simulations.

Keynote #2: Professor Steven Vos

About black swans and white ravens – Sports in an era of low-cost technology


Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Groningen
A. Deusinglaan 1
9713 AV, Groningen
Reception telephone number: +31 50 363 8000

By public transport
From the central station of Groningen there are several buses who will guide you to the medical faculty. At the central station, there will be some students (recognizable by blue jackets) to guide you to the right bus. You can get off at bus-stop UMCG Noord and than walk to the Antonius Deusinglaan were you can take the second entrance to enter the medical faculty, see figure below. Please check for the latest public transport information.

By car:
You can park your car in parking garage Boterdiep (entrance on Bloemsingel 10, rate €1 per 25 minutes, max of €10,- per day, open 24/7). From the parking garage you can walk via the Bloemsingel to the Antonius Deusinglaan, see figure below. Please take the second entrance to enter the medical faculty.
Looproute boterdiep-faculteit-

De partners van SSIG

Het SSIG is een samenwerkingsverband tussen de
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG), het Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen
(UMCG), de Hanzehogeschool Groningen (HG) en de Gemeente Groningen (GG)

Gemeente GroningenGemeente Groningen