Minor Sport Science – University of Groningen

Minor Sport Science - University of Groningen

The minor Sport Science offers students a multidisciplinary introduction to contemporary issues in the field of sport science. The minor is a 3rd year Bachelor Degree programme, available at the University of Groningen since 2012. It is the first multidisciplinary sport science minor and is taught in English. The minor runs in Semester 1 and is divived into two blocks of 15 ECTs (european credits) each. Students can choose to follow the entire minor (30ECTs) or just one of the two blocks.

Who is it for?
- 3rd Year Bachelor students at the University of Groningen
- Bachelor students enrolled at other Dutch universities
- International students studying a Bachelor degree
- HBO students interested in following a Master programme at the University of Groningen

Quotes from Students of the Minor Sport Science: ‘The minor was very interesting, instructive, versatile and concrete. There were interesting assignments and presentations and it was well organised.’ ‘It was exactly the right choice to follow this minor. We were provided with really good lecturers, interesting topics and themes. Overall, really recommendable.’

More information about the minor programme, entry requirements and registration procedure can be found here. If you have any further questions, please contact the minor coordinator Sanne te Wierike: s.c.m.te.wierike@umcg.nl

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Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG), het Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen
(UMCG), de Hanzehogeschool Groningen (HG), de Gemeente Groningen (GG) en Lode Holding.

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