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augustus 7, 2017

Sport Science Study #4 Youth soccer players

Read the whole article: Verbeek et al. (2017) – Laterality related to the successive selection of Dutch national youth soccer players. Journal of Sports Sciences 35(22), 1-5 #Football Science Groningen    
juli 7, 2017

Ieder meisje kan op iedere hoek van de straat voetballen

​Met drie keer een uitverkocht stadion en negen punten uit de groepsfase hebben de Oranjeleeuwinnen een groot uitroepteken gezet achter de enorm groei van het meiden-vrouwenvoetbal in Nederland. Het Women’s EURO (WEURO) 2017 had wat dat betreft niet op een beter moment […]
juni 6, 2016

Euro 2016: is het nog wel een feestje?

Balen. Dagelijks drie wedstrijden van het Europees Kampioenschap voetbal op televisie, maar wij zijn er niet bij. Natuurlijk wordt het nog even extra ingewreven door Engelse en Portugese collega’s die waarschijnlijk eenvoudig de tweede ronde gaan halen. Onderzoekers proberen duiding te geven […]
Football Science Groningen (FSG) is a focus point and an independent part of the Sport Science Institute Groningen.

The goal of FSG is to exchange knowledge in the world of football through research, education and innovation. Establishing FSG was a logical step considering the developments of football research conducted in Groningen, which has been done for over fifteen years now. This research has led to more than ten PhD programs and over sixty scientific publications which are internationally widely cited and valued.

The football research currently focuses on several topics, including:
Talent recognition and development
Load, recovery and capacity
Skill development
Match analyses
Mental and cognitive processes
Economic aspects

Football Science Groningen works closely together with sport scientists, coaches, players and organizations from football practice. Amongst them are various Dutch football clubs, including FC Groningen, SC Heerenveen, AZ, PSV, Vitesse, NEC and FC Twente. In collaboration with the Dutch football association, the KNVB, various projects have been developed and a research agenda has been created for the coming years.

Besides many national projects, FSG has a strong international cooperation with football associations and renowned football clubs from countries such as Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Indonesia and Brazil.

Together with FC Groningen, a Football Science Lab will be developed, which will include a modern and innovative measurement infrastructure.
In addition to optimizing football performances, health and the social and economic aspects of football will get more attention from FSG. In the near future, existing collaborations will be intensified and new ones created, in which the collaboration and interaction between football practice and sport science will be priority.

Three main themes
We distinguish three main themes of football research:

The research within the theme of Football & Healthy ageing includes preventing injuries and illnesses and optimizing recovery. In order to get better, football players need to push their limits. However, if players are pushed too hard, negative consequences arise for both the performance and the health of the player.
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Football & Performance includes research that aims to optimize football performance. It ranges from talent recognition and development, training and testing, match analysis, technical and tactical skills and psychological skills.

The third main theme of football research is Football & Sustainable society. Sports do not only have an effect on the athletes, but also on their environment. Groningen research focuses on these effects from a wide range of perspectives, from economic and social to demographic perspectives.
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